Mary goes to great lengths to source the best and most beautifully cut of gem stones from highly reputable sources in Hatton Garden.
Many people believe that certain gem stones have beneficial properties.


This subtle coloured variety of feldspar, whose name is derived from the Amazon River, is believed to be a great tonic for anxiety, helping to soothe and calm the mind. This gem is said to promote courage and confidence and to aid in good communication.


The stone of mental clarity. Amethyst aids creative thinking and is though to induce an active mind and clear head. The Ancient Greeks believed that the stone could help to protect the wearer from falling into a confused or drunken state and ensure that business be conducted more productively.


This lovely, naturally blue gemstone is considered very good for relieving stress. It is also thought to be very helpful to the wearer with any issues where acceptance is the key to progress.


Traditionally used as a charm of protection for sailors at sea, this stone is also believed to reawaken love and calm storms in relationships. Aquamarine is said to provide mental peace and clarity and is good for the eyes and the nerves.


This particular Aventurine stone, a member of the Quartz family, has been dyed to achieve its beautiful, lustrous shade. It is commonly used as a good luck stone but is also very advantageous for maintaining healthy skin and providing the wearer that certain inner glow.


This stone is believed by the ancient Greeks to calm anger, cure insomnia and provide a healthy balance between emotional, intellectual and physical states. A good stone for relieving grumpiness and alleviating hostile feelings. A leveller.


Named after the pomegranate because its rich colour sometimes resembles the pulp of that fruit. In legend, this stone lights up the night and protects from nightmares. It is thought to promote creativity and understanding, confidence and self-esteem. Noah used a garnet lantern to navigate the Ark.


This gemstone has been dyed to create its dynamic blue hue. Howlite is considered to be very helpful to those who struggle to make decisions and to aid the wearer with tact and diplomacy.


This Gemstone has been used for many centuries for the wealth of benefits it is believed to bring the wearer. Popular in China, Jade has been used for courage, wisdom, emotional balance, wealth, longevity, peace and harmony, since the time of the Ancient Chinese. Physically it is good for many parts of the body and relieves personal tension. It is said to attract love and bring wisdom.


According to Eskimo legend, part of the northern lights lies trapped inside a labradorite stone. It is thought to dispel negativity and provide powers of endurance, perseverance, strength and enthusiasm. Especially helpful during periods of conflict and change. Encourages clear thought.

Lapis Lazuli

One of the oldest spiritual stones known. Thought to stimulate inner vision, enhance wisdom, insight and good judgement. The ancient Egyptians believed Lapis Lazuli had the power to cure melancholy. A stone that is good for the mind and the heart


Onyx is a form of quartz, which has been used for centuries, even being mentioned in the original Hebrew Bible as the stone representing the Tribe of Joseph. Onyx is said to banish grief and bring fortune to the possessor of it. It’s also said to bring recognition of personal strength.


Pure and simple, the Pearl has always been given and received as a testimony of true love. These pearls, whose origins lie in freshwater streams and lakes, retain the natural healing power of the water they were formed in.


In the Middle Ages Peridot was used as a soothing stone and to make the dark less fearful. It is said to bring healing and vitality to the whole body and believed to slow ageing and to help with giving birth.


This gemstone has been dyed this beautiful happy shade of pink. Quartzite is a stabilising gem, and supportive to the wearer through life’s lesson learning processes and positive changes.

Rainbow Moonstone

Like a pot at the end of the rainbow, this stone promises good fortune. It is the stone of the healthy, the wealthy and wise, and is believed to bring good luck to the wearer. It was considered to be sacred and powerful, even in ancient times.

Rock Crystal

Used for making crystal balls and, for thousands of years, as a means of divination, seeing and healing across cultures. This stone is said to stimulate mental clarity and to increase intuitive awareness. It is also thought to be helpful in removing toxins from the body, so can be good for digestion, kidneys and the bladder.

Rose Quartz

Historically the symbol of love and beauty, rose quartz is said to bring inner peace and harmony and to enhance sensitivity to art and music. Good for the senses and thought to give a clear soft complexion.


Originally mined by the Egyptians, Turquoise has been used for thousands of years to make beautiful jewellery. A favoured stone of Native Americans, the Navaho believe Turquoise is a piece of the sky that has fallen to earth. It is full of good spirit and is thought to provide luck and happiness.

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