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"When I'm not  working in my studio or on the road, I love nothing more than grabbing my wetsuit, fins, and board and heading for the nearest waves."

Phone: 0787 505 2898


Instagram: @marymaryjewellery_



"I have always loved making and creating things. 

As a child in the wonderfully crafty 1970s I was forever making detailed plaster casts, pouring wax into strangely shaped moulds and keeping everyone up at night with my beloved stone tumbler. I even had a stand at the local church bazaar, selling my range of polished stone jewellery, aged about eight! (Sadly I only sold one thing). 


After leaving college and trying various unsuitable jobs, I finally began my ‘career’ after being offered a stall at Cambridges All Saints Craft Market.  Here, my then slightly bizarre and elaborately intricate work was given such a fantastic reception that I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. In this wonderfully supportive and nurturing environment my work really flourished, and I was delighted to be picked up by some top contemporary galleries, collectors and the British Crafts Council. I am happy to say that many still visit me at the craft shows I attend, still wearing those vintage pieces of mine!  


Following 20 very happy years at Covent Garden's Apple Market, myself and my young family exited the buzzing metropolis in search of our long held dream of living by the sea.  With a typically all or nothing attitude we settled ourselves in Hayle (mainly because we loved it's breathtaking beach and surrounding towans) on Cornwall’s stunning  north coast. Here, often amid wild raging storms, I continue to make and develop my jewellery, in my beautifully restored Aladdin’s Cave of a garden studio.


I love to load up the van and bring all my latest designs to show my lovely regular customers at various craft shows around the country. Even after all these years, little makes me happier than seeing and hearing about the pleasure that my work gives, or having a new design loved by others as much as I love it."  


Choosing a variety of colourful gem stones to create contrast and style. Mary especially loves making and wearing stacking rings and layering necklaces and bracelets together.


Each gemstone is lovingly picked to the highest of standards and securely fastened with silver or gold wire. Mary wears her earrings in the sea after all. Each piece has been created with the intention to be shown off for all occasions!

"Millefiori techniques lend themselves so perfectly to recreating many of natures own patterns, such as a bees wing, or the petals of a flower, that they suit the nature of my work perfectly."

The Making Process

Mary uses many techniques and materials to create her work, ranging from casting and stringing to fine wire work and millefiori cane building.  Her pioneering millefiori techniques have led to inclusion in several books and invitations to teach around the world.  Entirely self taught through her own experimentation, Mary creates hundreds of ‘canes’ of patterns, using a huge spectrum of colours and shades of polymer clay.


If you think about a stick of rock, with the writing running through it, you get the idea.  Except mary’s canes are far more complex, such as her tiny detailed faces, flowers, wildlife and of course the ever popular hearts.  Firstly she  laboriously mixes her colour palate, a process similar to the  kneading of bread, then rolls all the different colours into wafer thin squares, using a lino roller or pasta maker. 


She then builds the desired canes, eventually cutting them into tiny slices with an extremely sharp, fine blade.  Using two sharpened cocktail sticks she layers, in a mosaic fashion, all these tiny slices to create each intricate piece of jewellery, often setting a gemstone or crystal at the heart. 


Why My Jewellery Is Special

Over 30 Years Of Experience

"Because I make it here in Cornwall, with the upmost love, care and attention to every tiny detail.  I source only the best gemstones and materials, about which I am passionate, with an eye for every facet.  After all these years of making and developing my jewellery I want it to be not only beautiful, but comfortable and long lasting. 


I really do care that every customer is happy with both my work and my service, and have literally hundreds of letters that tell me I'm getting this right.  With over 30 years of developing techniques and perfecting new skills, I am able to create jewellery that really is unique and a bit different. 


Although often described as delicate in appearance, every piece is tough enough to withstand life's onslaughts, not least the frequent turmoil of the ocean that I put it through. I love  that my jewellery has been bringing a lot of pleasure to many thousands of people for many years, and continues to do so. 


And last but not least, because my work appeals to such a wonderfully diverse range of people and pockets, encompassing all ages, I  always endeavour to give the best value and quality I possibly can."

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