Handmade Jewellery From Cornwall




Hand-made High Quality Jewellery  

Gemstones, pearls, crystals and precious metals create dazzling, contemporary and feminine pieces of modern jewellery.

All items come beautifully packaged in a MaryMary gift box with a small polishing cloth and a descriptive piece about the gemstones within it (excl. birthstone range that come on their own jewellery cards).

Mary takes great care in hand selecting the finest gemstones and fresh water pearls to ensure that her jewellery is of the highest quality. To find out more about the gemstones she uses visit the Gems

page here



Each heart is engraved  with the words I AM, I CAN, I LOVE, I TRUST or I ACCEPT.

It's not just about quality for me, it's about wearing some thing that feels precious. The colours, the gemstones, the love that went into making each design.

Mary Mary