Gold Rainbow Cluster Hoop

These 15mm diameter hoop earrings are made from sterling silver and then very heavily plated with 24 carat gold (3 micron).  


They are hung with various gemstones and bohemian crystals which can be interchanged with ease. 


All pairs are available with or without a gold filled feather. 


Gemstones (From Left)

- Carnelian 

- Peridot

- Amythest

- Apatite

- Tiny Ruby


The classic thin sleeper hoops are great for those who like to keep their earrings on ALL the time (whether surfing, running or just sleeping).


Thicker Creole style hoops are super easy to attach, due to their simple catch mechanism. The Creole hoops are great for those who like to change their earrings regularly or take them off at the end of each day

Gold Rainbow Cluster Hoop


    Note :

    Due to the nature of gemstone buying I can not always be certain of getting exactly the same cut/tone every time. Stones may be subject to subtle changes from those shown on the web. They will always be just as lovely and I will be open to exchange if anyone is not delighted with what they receive. Where a stone will be different I will endeavour to replace it with a stone of a higher cut and quality... never lower.