Faceted Garnet Gemstone Bracelet

These beautiful and finely faceted gemstone bracelets are designed to grace any wrist with their delicate appearance, and healing properties.   


They have also been created with an eye to engineeering them for the maximum strength and durability that the materials will allow. 


All bracelets come with an inch long extention chain with a beautifully cut gemstone at the end.



- Garnet (Approx Size 2mm)

- Pink Tourmaline (Approx Size 2mm)

Faceted Garnet Gemstone Bracelet


    Note :

    Due to the nature of gemstone buying I can not always be certain of getting exactly the same cut/tone every time. Stones may be subject to subtle changes from those shown on the web. They will always be just as lovely and I will be open to exchange if anyone is not delighted with what they receive. Where a stone will be different I will endeavour to replace it with a stone of a higher cut and quality... never lower.